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“The best brainstorming happens over a pint. Or seven.” One happy hour after a particularly daunting day at work, where Alex (occasional guest-poster and OOTD extraordinaire) and I spent hours discussing beauty products. The thought of starting a beauty blog was brought up, and became an inkling that just didn’t leave the back of my mind. A few weeks later Haul & Dupes was born.

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My love affair with cosmetics started at a young age. When I was little I remember going with my mom to visit her Avon lady, Marie. Marie always gave me handfuls of the tiny lipstick samples whenever we went to see her. I would then carry them around everywhere with me in my little hot pink, vinyl, Aristocats purse. Applying them way too frequently, and rarely contained within my lip line. In my head I was a super fashionista. In reality? I was a four-foot, mismatched wreck with competing textures and all kinds of neon. needless to say, while I was short – and short on style – I was never short on confidence.

Turning 25 in a few months, while vaguely wondering when you really need to start switching to more anti-aging products along with the inner turmoil of moving up an age bracket. I’m also very good at tangents and rambling on longer than I should.

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Alex: I couldn’t tell you when, or how it happened. I couldn’t tell you who may have inspired it, or what changed in me to allow it. All I know is, at the age of 13, I decided that I would brush my teeth and hair every day, and it shook my world to its core. Jump ahead to 2012: I realized that fashion was fun, and makeup, when applied correctly, was a game-changer. Emmy and I met in 2013, when she was hired at our shared workplace. I don’t remember it, exactly, but I imagine we accidentally ran into each other at work, both of our purses spilled out 50 lip glosses, and we looked up at each other like, ‘this girl is totes my jam right now’. Bianca and I met back in 2012 through my best friend. After our first shopping trip downtown together, which included a Whitney Houston car ride sing-along, a Bloody Mary to kick off the festivities, and unnecessary binge shopping (according to some people, anyway). So, here we are, talking about our faces and our closets for fun! <3

♡ Haul & Dupes