Adventure Is Out There!

Adventure Is Out There

Big news you guys. One of my best friends is currently doing a Peace Corps stint in Ethiopia (Not the big news since she’s already been there a year). I am going to go visit her in three days (cue big news banner and confetti). Three days and I will be headed to Africa with little to no wifi, probably limited showering capabilities, and a world completely different than what I am used to.

Luckily I was able to book this entire trip with miles, which is the only reason I can even afford this holiday. It ended up costing me about $250 in taxes and most of my frequent flier miles on United Airlines. Worth it. When you compare it to the $4963 price tag it would have cost without miles, I couldn’t afford not to drop everything and go on this once in a lifetime trip. I am beyond thrilled with how everything worked out, regardless of my pending 30+ hour travel time (both ways) in economy/coach seats.

I can not put into words how excited I am to see where Allison has called home this past year, and to finally meet all of the people that she has befriended in her little village. When she’s able to get reliable wifi, she does post about her adventures on her blog here. You should totally check it out. She is amazing.

I will try to take as many pictures (and maybe some video) as possible to share with you guys once I get home, but I probably won’t be posting much on social media until I get back stateside. There will however be some blog posts going up while I’m gone as I’ve scheduled them in advance.

To top it off, on my way back from Africa I’m stopping for a few days in Europe to see some extended family and friends! I haven’t quite got all of the details with that portion of the trip ironed out yet, but will fill you all in when I get home later this month.

Is it Thursday yet?

Where has the coolest place you’ve traveled before been? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you have any travel tips to share [=


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  • Xa

    What a great blog you have overhere!

    So excited that you can visit your friend in Ethiopia and friends&fam in Europe.

    Have you ever been to Africa?
    I went there last November (Cape Verde) but that is like comparing apples and pears I think.

    And where in Europe will you be going?

    Be safe and enjoy this trip to the fullest!
    Going to check out your friends blog now.


    • Thank you! It’ll be my first time to Africa! I’m horribly excited! On my way home I’ll be stopping in the UK. I wanted to stay in Frankfurt for a few days to see my aunt, but I’ll have to save that for the next trip since there just isn’t enough time.
      I bet Cape Verde was amazing! I just did a quick google search of it, and the beach photos are absolutely gorgeous [=
      Thank you for your comment and well wishes! x