Anastasia Dipbrow Vs. NYX Tame & Frame

One of my favorite “semi-recent” (I mean come on, Brooke Shields has been rocking the look for forever) trends has been a bolder looking brow. While I’m definitely not advocating that you go out and dye your eyebrows dark brown or anything, I do believe that filling in and highlighting your brow does wonders to bring your look together. Especially if you wear glasses and want your face to stand out from behind your frames.

There are so many different products you can use: pencils, powders, gels, pomades, mascaras, the list goes on. Personally, my favorite has been Anastasia‘s Dipbrow pomade in blonde. Applied with an angled brush, it was just the easiest way to define without looking like you painted on your face. So, when NYX came out with their version of a brow pomade, I was super excited to get my hands on it!

Anastasia Dipbrow in Blonde vs NYX Tame & Frame in Blonde
The packaging is pretty similar for both; the pomade sits in a little pot container with a screw top lid. Though the Anastasia is a little bit more hefty and looks a little more elegant atop a vanity.

Anastasia Dipbrow vs Nyx Tame & Frame

Both have essentially the same amount of product in the containers give or take a gram. Anastasia comes in at .14 oz for $18 and NYX comes in at .15 oz for $6.99. More product less money? Yes please.

Anastasia Dipbrow Nyx Tame And Frame

Anastasia does have more colors available, with 11 shades it might be easier to find your exact match compared to NYX‘s 5 shades. The NYX is a little bit more creamy than the Anastasia, so I ended up with a little more product on my brush than I originally intended to. Though seeing as I’ve only been testing it out for a week or so compared to the many months I’ve been using the other… it still has time to dry out a bit more. Nothing a little extra blending with the spoolie couldn’t fix.

Anastasia Dipbrow vs Nyx Tame and Frame

Swatches! Anastasia on the left and NYX on the right! Since the NYX is a little bit more creamy than the Anastasia, it does take a little bit longer to set. However, once both products set, they last all day. I did employ the rub test against the swatches, but that photo looked the same as this photo. In other words, neither budge. Though after a couple hours, the NYX did seem to hold up slightly better.

Final verdict? I think I’d go with the NYX as it’s virtually the same as the Anastasia, but cheaper and with more slightly more product. I do store my containers lid down, so that it helps keep the pomade/gel from drying out as quickly, but I imagine both products will have similar shelf life / usability too.

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Which brow products are your favorites?



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