Bases I’m Not All About: Foundations That Are Getting Tossed

Foundation is called foundation for a reason.  If you don’t have a good base, anything you layer or build on top of it will be not as good as it could be. It’s potential squandered. As we all have different skin types, concerns, and reactions, holy grail opinions are pretty subjective. Some will love, some will hate, and some will just merely exist. However, here are three of my Holy Fails that will shortly be tossed out.

A Beauty Bloggers Worst Foundations Ranked

First on the list, even though it’s probably the least disappointing of the three: L’Oreal True Match Lumi. I did like the range of shades and how easy it was to find the light skin cool toned shade (yeah-ah C/N/W naming schematics)! That was pretty much where my excitement ended though. It applied nicely, but light coverage still seems like it would be heavier than the coverage that this base provided. It did make my dry skin look dewy, but did nothing to even out skin tone, provide a base, nor remotely cover up any imperfection. Next.

On a very different note. I originally really liked the BareMinerals Bare Skin. But after getting about a third of the way through the bottle, it seemed like the finish was getting more and more powdery. Cakey, even. And not in the delicious Devil’s Food way. It didn’t matter how much I’d shake it up, or how I applied it, it just seemed to settle into my pores more and more. I mean the coverage was decent, but it was not the my skin but better base that I prefer. I mean I loved the idea of skincare and makeup merged in the powder in serum foundation, but it has absolutely nothing on the Maybelline Dream Wonder (which really is a dream wonder) in terms of coverage, finish, and blendability.

The most disappointing on the list by far was the original Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I tried it out again the other day to make sure I disliked it as much as I remembered disliking it… I did. Thankfully my blogger friend Brooke was there to commiserate with me while I ranted on about how it didn’t even last through my commute to work. Noting that my commute to work is usually less than a half hour AND that I also “set” it with setting spray. I’m so happy I had a powder foundation in my handbag that I could go over problem areas with.

Shop This Post (but really, please don’t): L’Oreal True Match Lumi, BareMinerals BareSkin, Maybelline Fit Me.

Do you have any foundation choices you were excited to use that just fell completely flat?



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  • Ayre

    I’m very picky with foundations. If they don’t work, thankfully, I can just return them.. Ah, America… one of the only things I like about this place lol


  • I love Maybelline Fit Me Foundation! My skin is dry as a bone though, so it lasts alright on me.

  • rae

    Somehow I actually appreciate posts about products that haven’t worked almost better than I do posts about ones that do work, as it prevents me from making the same mistake when shopping and you can generally be 100% sure that the review is honest as well. Thanks for letting me know how you got on (or rather didn’t) with these foundations. Granted, sometimes foundations just do not work for certain people based on skin chemistry but it was still great to read your reasons why you did not like them.

    Rae of Love from Berlin
    Bloglovin’ // instagram

    • Same! Especially if you’re able to get a feel for what other product love/hates you have in common with a specific blogger. Over time you can get a decent feel of whether it’d work for you or not. Even with products I end up loving, reading a few bad reviews makes it seem more real. I get super wary of products that have ONLY good things said about them…

  • I don’t mind the Loreal Tru Match Lumi, but the neutral is definitely not neutral. It’s warm. It’s really warm.

    • Honestly with how little the coverage showed up on me I could hardly tell. But agreed, even the cool looks more yellow than it should when swatched.