A Closer Look At Meg21 Skincare*

I originally encountered Meg21 when I received one of their products in my BeautyDNA box sometime last year. So when they reached out to me to see if I wanted to try a few more of their products, I was looking forward to how the rest of the line would hold up to my expectations.

Meg21 Blogger Review

Meg21 was kind enough to send me their Moisturizing Cleanser, Moisturizing Toner, Smooth Radiance Face Treatment, and Top of Hand Treatment. I started testing out these products during the midst of those dreaded hormonal breakouts, a particularly daunting dry patch on my forehead, and when our office was being sent a multitude of goodie-baskets filled with sweets (which did not help the hormonal breakouts). Needless to say, these products went up against my skin at it’s worst.

Meg21 Skincare With Supplamine

The Mositurizing Cleanser has a very smooth consistensy and texture which allows it to glide over your skin without tugging or pulling. It doesn’t lather much, but still is able to work into your skin well. After a solid month or so of use, it has really seemed to improve the condition of my skin. Not that my skin was terrible to begin with, but with increased stress from flying North one weekend, back East the next, and all the all the holiday shenanigans – I was expecting my skin to look much worse than it currently does.

It’s made a firm move into my favorite second-step cleanser after taking my waterproof makeup off with an oil or balm cleanser.My skin does feel a bit tight after using two pumps of product, but that quickly gets mitigated by following it with toner + moisturizer.

The Moisturizing Toner is also very gentle on skin. I apply with a cotton round post cleanse both morning and night. The scent is a little earthy, but very pleasant and not overpowering.

Benefits of Supplamine in skincare

The Smooth Radiance Face Treatment packs quite a punch. While it completely seemed to clear up the dry patch on my forehead, it is a little heavy for me to use during the day time. However, it works perfectly into my PM routine. It’s a bit thicker in consistency, so it doesn’t absorb as quickly. Once it does though, it leaves my face feeling pretty smooth and hydrated without any irritation. Plus, let’s talk about how cute the packaging is. I love the dispenser, which seamlessly pushes up the perfect amount.

Is Meg21 Skincare a good brand

The Top Of Hand Treatment was another huge boon. It is also a bit heavier of a cream, but waiting for it to absorb is completely worth it.

All in all, I was pretty impressed with the lineup. It was incredibly gentle and my skin seemed to react very well to it. Looking a bit brighter and hydrated than it had before. Too boot I plan on repurchasing the Moisturizing Cleanser once this bottle is out (and spoilers if my mom is reading, picking up some of the line for her birthday present).

Shop this post: Availability wise, Meg21 is available to buy in select spa locations which you can find via their store/spa locator or online: Moisturizing Cleanser, Moisturizing Toner, Smooth Radiance Face Treatment, and Top of Hand Treatment.


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  • It seems like a promising lineup indeed. I like the pretty packaging too. :]

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  • I didn’t know about this brand, the products seem quite interesting!

    I just tested another product with the exact same pump-jar packaging as the Smooth Radiance Treatment here, and I really loved it. The cool look of a jar with the sanitary conditions of a pump, yay!


    • Jenni

      It is also amazing how much damage air can do to a product. The airless pump technology protects the product inside from any contamination. Email me at if you are interested in learning more!