Current Haircare Routine With usmooth

At this point, I’m surprised my hair still cooperates with me at times. Between the color processing, heat styling, sun exposure, and LA’s incredibly hard water… it goes through a lot.

Depending on your hair type and the amount of stress you regularly put your hair through, you may not notice a difference between drugstore shampoos and higher end options. Price points aside, there are some shampoos that exacerbate the damage and leave my hair feeling like straw – and others that actually seem to alleviate (or at least mask) the damage.

A few weeks ago, the lovely folks over at usmooth sent me an assortment of their line to test out based on my hair type and styling needs. One thing I first noticed about the Hydrate Cleanse and Condition was the pleasant, lightweight smell. After testing out for a couple washes, both left my hair feeling clean but not too stripped of natural oils. The shea butter and sunflower oil in the conditioner are incredibly moisturizing without weighing down hair.

While I don’t use hair spray as often, I did appreciate that it had a super fine mist with a nice hold, all without being too tacky feeling. My favorite out of the lot has been the Prime 7-in-1 Cream, which aids in: thermal protection, balancing porosity, eliminating frizz, enhancing shine, fighting humidity, smoothing, and styling. And I have to say, I feel like it does a pretty great job at them. The first time I used it I think I went a little too ham with it, which left my hair with a bit of residue. Remember Emmy, as much as you are willing your hair to grow back out, you don’t need to use as much product as you did when it was longer. However, the last few times I’ve used it I’ve been pretty happy with my blow out. Hair is left soft and not straw like, just the way I like it.

You can shop the usmooth line here.

What do you guys look for in your haircare products?



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