Dipbrow Pomade or Wunderbrow?

I usually have two solid eyebrow products in rotation at any given moment. An easy and quick to use option that I can slap on in my car before walking into work, and a more formidable night out and weekend option. I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade as the later option for ages. It also doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t take much product for me to fill in my brows, so while I’ll go through a pencil quickly, the pomade lasts me quite a while. 


Lately, I’ve noticed the bandwagon showcasing Wunderbrow. The hype started to intrigue me and when I saw it at CVS with Brooke, in my basket in went. The box came with a tube of gel and a little spoolie.

Maybe it’s because I’ve used Dipbrow for a longer time span, but I find it much easier to apply. The flat brush in the Wunderbrow tube was a little unwieldy to me. It either applied too much or too little product, and often not where I wanted it. Using an angled brush + spoolie ended up helping tremendously. Since it’s a gel formula and has a little thinner consistency, it was a bit easy to be heavy handed. I definitely prefer the drier texture of the pomade formulas.

Consistency and application aside, one area that Wunderbrow really wowed me was with how water resistant it was and how long it stayed put. When trying to remove it with a makeup remover wipe, I had to scrub at it for a quite a bit longer than the Dipbrow. That being said, when testing on formula on each brow, both survived a pretty intense post workday Barre class. The rest of my makeup? Not so much…

I have the Dipbrow in Taupe, and the Wunderbrow in Blonde. The blonde is a little too warm toned for my liking, but the brunette shade was way too dark for me. #StoryOfMyLife #GoldiBrows. The Dipbrow taupe matches my cool undertones pretty perfectly, even if it is a little too dark compared to my actual shade.

Overall, the Dipbrow looks much more natural on me so I’ll be sticking with it for now.

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  • I have dipbrow but it’s far too dark for my current hair colour so I haven’t used it in a while. I’ve been wondering about wonderbrow after seeing it on Instagram a lot lately so this was a good comparison

  • Emmy, have you ever tried darker brows for fun? I think that dark eyebrows look really cool on blondes!

    Also, how the hell are you?? I haven’t seen you in AGES.