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Happy 2016 Everyone! Ok, it’s been 2016 for a few days already. I know. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I’m finally getting settled back into a routine again. Which means I finally had time to upload some photos from that swanky shindig I got to go to last month. One of the highlights to attending said shindig (aside from getting to use all of my special occasion/glam makeup), was getting to wear something fancy and finally trying out Rent The Runway.

what do I wear to an army ball or military formal

One of the hardest parts was actually choosing which dress to pick out, but once I saw this gorgeous Monique L’Hullier Tulle To Lace Gown, my mind was made up. I had to wear it. Plus I could have the order shipped to the hotel back East and wouldn’t have to carry it all on the plane with me. Carry-on only travel for the win!

Blogger review of Rent The Runway

I also rented some accessories to go with the dress. Because, why not? I picked out some really pretty Nicole Miller Tear Drop Pearl Earrings, Elizabeth and James Kuril BangleGiGi New York Python Uber Clutch, and a necklace to boot.

Does rent the runway work

How gorgeous is this clutch!? I have been lusting after it via Instagram for months. Months. The leather was so soft and felt so sturdily crafted. Hands down the hardest piece to send back. If anyone needs ideas what to get me for my Birthday in a few months, this is your sign.

Unfortunately, the necklace I had reserved was not sent back in time by the previous renter to be sent out to me. Furthermore, all of the replacement options I approved were unavailable. I’ll give it to RTR, the piece they ended up sending was quite pretty – it just did not really match the rest of the jewelry I ordered or the dress like the original option did.

That being said, the Lulu Frost Drifting Leaves Necklace also cost significantly more to rent than the original choice, which means I was able to get a $50 rental for only $10. So, I do appreciate the strides RTR made in trying to make sure that I had a great first-time experience with them.

is rent the runway a good deal

Another nice thing about RTR, is that when you rent a dress they send two sizes to ensure you get a good fit. Based on some arbitrary size chart I found online for the designer, I reserved a 4 and a 6. It was a bit more snug in the bust and hips area compared to the waist (sometimes being more hourglass is not all it’s cracked up to be), but overall fit perfectly. The length could have been a bit longer – If I had brought a nice pair of flats it would have perfectly grazed the floor, but with my heels it was a tad high. Seeing as I was probably the only one who noticed that the hem was a bit too high for my shoes, not the biggest of deals.

Mostly though, I felt like a Princess wearing this dress. You know when there is an outfit you put on and you just feel amazing and like you can accomplish anything? This is how that dress made me feel. I may have worn it for a few hours after the shindig in the hotel room while watching Christmas movies on Hallmark. #NoShame.

I also ended up selecting the Pro Membership as it offers free shipping, free insurance on each order, and a free birthday outfit. Considering I will definitely use RTR again, this will end up paying for itself. I’ve since set up a couple more lists and can’t wait for the next big occasion.

Shop Rent this postMonique L’Hullier Tulle To Lace GownNicole Miller Tear Drop Pearl Earrings, Elizabeth and James Kuril Bangle, GiGi New York Python Uber ClutchLulu Frost Drifting Leaves Necklace.

Have any of you used Rent The Runway before? How do you feel about renting a dress versus buying it for an event?



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  • I’ve been thinking about trying RTR for a while, but with my body shape, it’s really hard to find dresses that fit well, so ordering something I can’t try on would be risky. I’d need to have a backup option.

    That clutch is amazing! Is it too pricey to buy as a new year’s gift to yourself?


    • I feel you. I was so nervous that neither option would fit. Especially since I didn’t get to pre-try it on before actually getting ready… Ech.

      I might get that clutch for myself for my birthday in a few months if I don’t get it as a gift.

  • rae

    This is a really interesting service, but I am not exactly sure how I feel about wearing clothing worn by lots and lots of people – still I guess they just clean the items really well?!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • I honestly didn’t think about that facet as much. That being said, thinking about it now doesn’t bother me that much. I mean it’s practically the same concept as hotel room bed sheets?

  • You seriously looked awesome in that dress, I’m so glad you had a good experience with RTR, despite the whole necklace thing.
    And goddamn, that clutch is a stunner.

    brooke | brooke elise

  • I love the idea of using them! I’m hoping that I’ll have a fancy-pants event to use them for soon!

    Lauren 🙂