February Birchbox And Why I Cancelled My Ipsy Bag

Even if you read this blog semi-regularly, you know how much I love beauty boxes. From the arriving in the mail each month, to the deluxe sized minis, and finding out new brands/products that I’d never have heard of otherwise. Ipsy was the first subscription box I had ever subscribed to. After having a cute little Ipsy bag delivered to my doorstep each month for two years, I finally decided to cancel it.

Originally, I felt like the items I’d get sent every month were either amazing or not for me at all. It was a good mix of loved items and items that I could pass along to friends/family that could use them more than I. However, it seemed more and more each month that the overall experience was getting increasingly ‘meh’. My bag was also arriving later and later, which made it difficult to set up exchanges with other ipsters via the comment sections. There was little change in the brands I was being sent, some I’d already reviewed that I didn’t like. Maybe some of my perspective is biased, but I just felt that I kept getting items that worked more for high school girls (hey glitter themed November bag). I wanted something that was a little more grown up.

February Birchbox

So I made the decision to cancel Ipsy, and sign up for Birchbox. I did waver in my resolve to cancel Ipsy for a while. They offered some new point rewards that I redeemed, so I decided to wait until my February bag had been shipped out of their warehouse before cancelling. I finally hit that cancel my subscription button a few days ago. Am I a little sad that it will be my last Ipsy bag? Yes. However, even after only two Birchboxes, I’m pretty sure I made the right decision in switching. The brands they partner with just seem a little more to my taste, and fit what I want to get out of a subscription service better overall. Not to mention that the points program is way more geared towards the individual, and easier to use.

February Birchbox

The fragrance is Harvey Prince Hello, which goes on a little strong, but settles into a nice subtle scent that reminds me of lemon groves in California. It’s a little sweet, but you can definitely still pick up on the citrus notes.

I’m actually trying not to use these yet so that I can take them with me on my upcoming trip (more on that adventure later once I get the last of the details ironed out). Dear Clark Resurrecting Wash, Dear Clark Resurrecting Rinse are a sulfate free shampoo and conditioning set that I’m really looking forward to trying out. It’s a brand I’d never heard of, and apparently out of Dallas. Extra points for new and local (well, relatively).

I always carry some sort of mini hand lotion in my bag at all times. Which means I go through quite a number of them on the regular. Perlier Revitalizing Body Butter has a natural almondy scent and absorbs really nicely. Perfect for when I’m sitting at my desk all day next to my little heater, that inevitably sucks out all of the moisture from the air around me.

I wasn’t expecting to like the Laura Geller GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara as much as I did. I tend to prefer thick bristley mascara wands in general, but this didn’t clump my eyelashes together like other wands with a more rubbery feel.

You can find Harvey Prince Hello here, Dear Clark Resurrecting Wash here, Dear Clark Resurrecting Rinse here, Perlier Revitalizing Body Butter here, and Laura Geller GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara here. Alternatively, you can find more info on Ipsy here, and Birchbox here.


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  • I have yet to receive my February ipsy bag till today, it’s terrible. My first ipsy bag was the glitter November bag and I hated it! I though I made the biggest mistake of my life subscribing with ipsy but the Dec and Jan bags were great! I’ll see how it goes, I signed up for a year so not sure if I’ll renew in the future. I am thinking of signing up with Glossybox, the boxes look amazing!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • It just seems like they’re growing too fast to keep up with the quality. It’s kind of annoying that they don’t offer a prorated refund for the year subscription like some of the other boxes do. Hopefully they get better for you though! If not, I’ll look forward to seeing which other sub you get instead once your year is up [=