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Anyone who has been blogging for a while knows that it’s not as simple as sitting down and hammering out a post in 30 minutes. Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and dedication, a lot of which is behind the scenes and goes unnoticed by those who have never tried their hand at it. There are photos to be taken, edited, renamed with search engine friendly titles, keyword research, outlining, and actually sitting down to write the darn thing. That’s all before it’s published, then there’s social media platforms and promotion. While I no means a blogging expert, I thought I’d share some of the tools that help me stay on top of all the various to-dos of blogging.

Best tools apps widgets and plugins for running a beauty  or fashion blog

While I think one of the best decisions I could have made for my blog, was transitioning to a self-hosted wordpress site. The amount of control it provides you for not only the look and feel for you blog is great for taking your blogging to the next level, but the abilities it provides for in the backend are just as helpful. While it’s not a tool per se, it did frame my selection and use of the following.

Editorial Calendar

One of the things that has helped me the most, is installing a drag and drop calendar plugin. I really like this one for wordpress. It makes scheduling out posts, and moving them about if need be, super easy. It’s the only reason that I was able to have content published while I was in Africa.

Instagram Desktop Client

If you are on your computer all day like I am, and want to help boost your instagram a bit more, finding an Instagram Desktop Client can be helpful. If you’re a Mac user and don’t mind shelling out $5, I really really like Photodesk. Of course you won’t be able to post from it, but it allows you to like 100 photos per hour, save certain tags (ex. #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #makeupaddict, etc…), see related tags, favorite particular users, enable push notifications, and some analytics (though the Iconosquare webapp has much better analytics for free that are additionally helpful). There are also plenty of chrome extensions that at least allow you to go through your feed and like photos.

Twitter Client

I have recently discovered Twitter Chats, and while the native twitter website is nice for viewing your timeline of people you’re subscribed to, it’s not the greatest to use while participating in chats. Enter a decent twitter client. There are bunches of them like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buffer, or Tweetbot that let you view multiple lists/views etc. I personally prefer the user interface, push notifications, and syncing of Tweetbot. To me, it just looks a little more clean on both the desktop version and the mobile app.

Something To Schedule Tweets

The one thing I don’t like about Tweetbot compared to the others is that I haven’t been able to find a way to schedule tweets. While I do have a get-around, I often use it for other things and am horribly bad at scheduling tweets anyway. However, I really like the app Everypost. It’s a great way to post to multiple social platforms at once + gives you the ability to tailor each post to that platforms message style. So you can use certain hashtags on twitter, or facebook (pages are supported), as well as more or less characters.

A Good Old-Fashioned Notebook

I kid you not, I carry my moleskin notebook around with me everywhere. I really like being able to write down any ideas I have for future post, any interesting metrics that I see on GA or Twitter analytics, key points from other articles/blogger’s posts, etc. The one I have now is actually the EverNote version of Moleskine and I love that I have the ability to upload pictures of each page of the notebook so that I have a backup of my notes.

A Good To-Do Manager

Speaking of a good digital to-do manager, I really like Wunderlist. It gives you the ability prioritize what needs to be done, add sub tasks to each task, and send push notifications and due dates. Also has a desktop client & mobile app. I actually have one list specifically set up for Twitter Chat times with notifications so that I don’t forget when they happen.

Google Analytics

Being able to not only see where your audience is coming from, but what your most viewed content is extremely helpful. It gives you so much insight into how people navigate to your site, and their path on your site once they arrive. From using UTM codes when you finally start advertising on other sites, to being able to give reliable statistics if you want to start having ad spaces on your blog… It’s pretty invaluable. If you don’t know where to start, there are a multitude of tutorials on youtube for anything you’d like to know about.

Disqus Comment System

Since I switched my comment system from the default wordpress commenting system to Disqus, the amount of comments that I’ve received per post have really increased. Not to mention that I love the way it notifies you to responses to comments on other blogs. It really has a way of reducing the feeling of fragmentation, which promotes engagement. You want to make it as easy as you can for your readers to engage or share your content. To find out more about installing Disqus click here.

Pinterest Pin It Plugin

After looking at my referral sources on Google Analytics, I discovered that I good portion of traffic comes from Pinterest. In addition to designing a Pinterest friendly photo for each of your posts, it also helps to make it easy to pin the photos embedded in your post. For wordpress, I really like this Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin by Canha which overlays a pin-it button whenever a reader hovers over a photo. I particularly like this one, because out of all of the pinterest plug-ins I tried, this one has the easiest css code to edit to make it more personalized (if that’s something you’re comfortable doing). I recently just added uploaded my own image to use as the layover, it was a pretty quick upgrade that made the site look just a little more put together.

A Related Posts Plugin

I really like this (WP) Yet Another Related Posts Plugin because it’s a great way to recommend & link more of your posts for readers to further look at without you having to do anything. It analyzes the title and keywords of your new post to recommend ones with similar  content at the end of each post. Unfortunately since this is the first in my “For Bloggers” series, there won’t be any relevant posts, but if you look at any of my “Favorites” posts they will probably be better examples of how this plugin works.

What are your favorite tools that have helped you manage keeping up with your blog?


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  • Came across your blog on Instagram and I just love this post! It has been very difficult keeping up with my posts, comments and followers while trying read others blogs and comment. I am definitely going to try out all of your suggestions! Great post! If you have time and could read through some of my blog and let me know what you think that would be awesome! Happy blogging! – Lost Girl Blog

    • No kidding! I don’t even know how I manage to keep up with what I am able to. Haha. Thanks for reading! I hope whatever ones plugins/tools you try out end up working well for you [=

  • Kiersten

    I tried to go to the related posts plugin page but it wanted me to log into some sight and when I tried with my wordpress account, it locked me out of the site completely. 🙁

    Classy Country Girl

    • Oh no! ]= I just double checked the link and noticed that it was prefaced with my url in the beginning. I think you might have tried to log into my wordpress because I just got a failure login notice. Thank you for bringing up that the links were broken. Working on fixing them now [=

      • Kiersten

        Ah okay. I was a bit confused as to what to do. I use blogger but I have a WordPress account so I thought I had to log into my WordPress to get to the plugin. Thanks for fixing them! 🙂

        Classy Country Girl

        • Haha, that makes sense. Sorry for the confusion, but glad it’s sorted. I’d love to recommend some stuff for Blogger, but unfortunately I’ve never used that platform so don’t really have anything to go off of.

  • I’ve finally realized that time-management apps don’t do it for me. While I love my Evernote checklists for grocery shopping (I kid you not), somehow it doesn’t work for me when it comes to organizing my time.
    I think part of the reason is that by spending so much of my time in front of the computer, I get a kind of “brain freeze” and I can’t be bothered updating my planning apps. I’ve started to rely on old-school notebooks and paper planners, if possible with pictures of cats on them, that I fill in with good ol’ pens in different colors. It works much better for me than any online app ever has.

    • I’m so with you on that, I can’t just use a to-do app by itself. I have to write it down too, and then use the app to tack on certain components of that to-do so I don’t forget a step – as well as for push notifications for when I’m on my computer.

      Color-coding things is incredibly helpful though! So kudos on that. =D

  • This was honestly the most helpful ‘blogger tips’ type post that I’ve read in a while! I had never heard of the Evernote Moleskin journals and it never occurred to me that I should do a custom Pin It layover. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Thank you for reading! And I’m so glad that some of the bits were helpful, I was afraid it was just going to come off like kind of redundant, haha.

  • Ayre

    I use Buffer and Tweetdeck… I need to get GA, but I’m procrastinating…