Generation Beauty 2016 Recap

To sum up Generation Beauty, it was a bit like the Disneyland of makeup, during the holidays. It was a crazy few days. I have to admit, I was a little impressed by the equal amounts of incredible kindness as well as fights that almost broke out…  For those of you that aren’t in the know, Generation Beauty is an event put on by Ipsy to connect content creators, their audience, and brands.

Ipsy Generation Beauty

Since starting Gen Beauty, Ipsy has expanded to have a couple different events in different cities throughout the year. This was my first chance getting to go to one. I had an absolute blast.

While tickets are a bit on the spendy side as an attendee ($150), it is more than worth it if you are a makeup addict like myself. Not only do you get the curated Saturday + Sunday bags from Ipsy, you also get the chance to redeem free swag from brands depending on what activities they have planned, as well as a pretty good discount on product if you choose to buy.

I did partially work the event, but since I had already purchased my own ticket, I only had to help out set up and tear down.

Is Going To Gen Beauty Worth It

It was so fun getting to connect with other bloggers and makeup enthusiasts! Not to mention that I might have literally rolled around in all of the swag I got at the end of the weekend while throwing some of it up in the air. I wish I could say I was joking. I might have made a spreadsheet itemizing the value of everything, and it was way more than worth it.

Have you guys been to a Gen Beauty event before? What did you think?



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