#HaulAndOpps: Soap & Glory

Onto another installment of my London shopping haul, this time focusing on the brand Soap & Glory. Though I’ve been able to use a bunch of their skincare stuff that’s available here in the US, getting ahold of their cosmetic line is pretty hit or miss. However, I had a bit of a list of products to make sure I picked up due to seeing them on some UK based blogs. Enter the Super Cat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen, Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil in Love is Blonde, and the FabuLipStick in Naked Beige.

Soap&Glory Cosmetics Haul

Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Naked Beige

The FabuLipStick is probably the product that I’m the most happy I bought. The Naked Beige color is a perfect my lips but better shade, has great staying power for having a satiny-matte finish, and isn’t drying. All for a stinkin’ steal of a price. My only complaint is that I didn’t buy it in more shades. Especially since I’m unable to not only not find this formula online on sites that ship to the US, but it’s also missing from… Which makes me thing they are discontinuing the formula?

Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Naked Beige and Super Cat Eyeliner Swatches

I’m pretty outspoken about my love for Benefit’s Push Up Liner, but I am really trying to give otherliquid/gel liners a chance. After reading so many wonderful things about the Super Cat liner, I had to give it a go. While it’s not as easy as stamping on a cat eye as my go-to option, I can manage a decent enough flick with this baby. I mean are they completely even? Probably not, but close enough that most people won’t notice. And in all fairness, you can’t really hold that against the product when it’s utter user-error. The felt tip is pretty easy to use, and doesn’t drag during application. The staying power is also fantastic – the swatch lasted through the smudge test, and the makeup remover wipe test, and in a faint but still visible line – was still there the next morning. It may not be my HG, but it’s definitely worth picking up and having in your beauty arsenal.

Soap And Glory Brow Archery Swatch Blonde

I didn’t realize how important to me having an attached spoolie on a brow product was before now. The Archery Brow (I want to say Brow Archery so bad) stick has a pencil side and a tint side, but no comb/brush to blend everything together. I honestly quite like the pencil part because the formula glides on nicely, but have barely used the tint side at all. Plus the tint side seems way warmer, almost golden, compared to the pencil side. Maybe I had super high expectations because I’d seen so many people dub it as a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but I was underwhelmed to say the least. If they made the point of the pencil a little finer, and swapped the tint for a spoolie, I’d probably give it a chance based on the name alone. I mean, Love is Blonde? Yep, it tickles my punny bone.

{Edit: I stand corrected! The lovely Libby pointed out that there are apparently two Archery products by Soap & Glory, the one I picked up, and then also Brow Wiz dupe with a spoolie called Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush. I am now bummed that I grabbed the wrong one, but super excited that there is in fact the product I wanted out there. Now I just need to get my hands on it!}

If you missed the first couple of my London haul posts, you can find them here and here. After doing some extended research, it’s surprisingly hard to track down specific items (even on amazon, but there def appears to be a heftier markup). If you’re in the US like I am, Sephora has a handful of Soap & Glory products (see their brand page here). In the UK you can totally just pop into Boots. For everywhere else, you can check out this handy dandy guide on their brand website of where they are stocked. Based on how much I’ve loved their scrubs and body butters, plus now the lipstick and eyeliner, I would love to try out more of their products. Hopefully they will be easier to acquire soon (Soap & Glory if you read this you should totally open a store up in PDX and hire me to work for you #WishfulThinking#ThisWillNeverHappenButImStillTypingItAnyway)!


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  • There are actually two ‘archery’ products, and the one you got wasn’t the brow whiz dupe! They actually do one with a finer point pencil and a spoolie 🙂 I like to use both pencils together, and I agree about the weird warmth of the tint. Oh and if you like the names, the other product is called Blondeshell 😉 xx

    • Ahh! You are an absolute doll! Thank you for pointing this out. =D xx

  • I love soap & glory’s makeup line, the supercat liner is amazing x

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  • Lauest Blog

    I didn’t know soap and glory did cosmetics too! I love their body scrubs and butter but I guess i’ve never really payed attention to anything else. they might be hard to find here in the USA but maybe they are hiding somewhere! haha

  • Ayre

    oh my gosh seriously, I want to try the S&G beauty line.. Gabby from Velvetgh0st featured their gloss stick in her April faves and I want it!