Let’s Be Frank

Frankly speaking. I’m kind of in love with this super cheeky Australian. You might have heard of him, because he’s kind of a big deal. It’s Frank. I mean, he’s kind of a scrub, but if he hollered at me I’d give him some love.

Frank Body Scrub Original

I got the Original Coffee Scrub from Alex this past Christmas, and I’ve been using it roughly twice a week since. The little pouch may look like it shouldn’t be anywhere near water with it’s paper bag-esque feel to it, however it does have a waterproof lining and holds up pretty well. The scrub itself is made up of ground coffee, sweet almond oil, sea salt, brown sugar, orange oil, and vitamin e. In other words, it smells divine, is great for your skin, and is all natural. Though since it doesn’t have any added parabens or preservatives, the shelf-life only sits around 6 months from when you open it. I scribbled when I should toss it out on the back of the sachet with a sharpie, though honestly with how much I’ve been using it there is no way it’ll make it to June anyway.

Frank Body Scrub Original

Using it is pretty straight forward. Hop in the shower and get your skin damp enough for the scrub to stick to it. Turn off the water so it doesn’t wash off while you’re scrub a dub dubbing. Grab a couple handfuls and massage it in. Once you feel like you’ve got a good scrub on, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. Pro-tip: put on a hair mask before scrubbing to really maximize that wait time. ‘Cause who doesn’t like a proper pamper sesh. Bonus points for impromptu karaoke with your shampoo bottle.

With all of the things I love about it, the only con I’ve found is that it’s realy messy to apply/rinse off. However, even that isn’t completely bothersome unless you’re trying to find a decent place to photograph it while indoors…

Frank Body Scrub Original

I know it’s terrible because it makes it so much easier to over exfoliate in general, but I really prefer physical exfoliants. They just feel like they are more tangibly working when you can feel the abrasiveness sloughing off all that extra dead skin. Which then makes me feel like I’m able to soak in all of those great oils better. Sorry not sorry. It’s just so refreshing, and leaves my skin so much more moisturized and soft. Holy grail status ahoy!

I can’t wait to try out the other scrubs that Frank has. While each bag has the same coffee base for the exfoliant, there are three others to choose from that have different infused oils/scents. I have my eye on the Coconut Coffee Scrub next.

Have any of you guys had any experience with Frank? I’d love to hear what you guys think. If you’d like to try it out, they’re pretty reasonably priced and usually have free shipping. Just click here and choose the right country for you.


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  • Okay I definitely need some experience with Frank! Ha! That scrub sounds fantastic.

  • I can imagine just how messy this could be, but if you’re happy with it then I suppose it’s worth it! Lovely photos by the way! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice