Lizze McGuire You Are An Outfit Repeater | My Unofficial Business Casual “Uniform”

I am by no means a morning person. I can stay up until 4am pretty easily, but waking up then has never been a forte of mine. I’m self-admittedly the worst about my morning alarms: there are about five of them set for the morning appropriately labeled for various events like “You Need To Wash Your Hair,” “Early Morning Meeting,” “Work Out” (this one never happens, but stays in the line up anyway)… All of these get snoozed way more than my husband appreciates, I’m sure.


With that AM crunch time, I try to streamline my morning process as much as possible. I’m also terrible at preparing things the night before, so I definitely fall into the habit of wearing a pretty similar ensemble during the work week – and let’s be honest, the weekend too. Seven times out of ten, you’ll find me wearing a button up or blouse half-tucked into some variety of skinny pants with pointed-toe loafers. See included Exhibits A-F or refer to any of my recent OOTD Instagram stories.


Luckily my office environment has a fairly business casual vibe and many of us wear jeans on the regular. The nice thing about having an unofficial “uniform” is that so many of the elements are interchangeable and even though it’s a similar look, I don’t ever feel like I’m in a style rut. Lately, I’ve been loving the Who What Wear collection at Target since they have so many cute new tops coming out every few weeks.

Some pieces I’ve been eyeing lately:

*Husband I don’t have any of these shoes yet, I’ll make you a deal: I’ll remove an alarm for each pair you get me.

Accessory wise, I keep it pretty minimal. I love stackable midi rings and layered necklaces. On days that I don’t wear my FitBit I’ll usually stack a watch with a few bracelets. Unless there’s an event, earrings are generally just my basic diamond studs.

Do any of you have an “unofficial uniform”?



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