It goes without saying that the underlying focus and attention of the New Year is *new*. New resolutions, new goals, new routines, all of the new things you may have been gifted over the holidays – whether from others or simply presents to yourself.

Moving put me in a huge shop my stash and project empties kick. While I’ve bought myself a few key items, I’ve more or less put myself on a bit of a spending timeout and trying to use up what I have. This was evidenced by my Sephora status dropping from Rouge to just VIB this year. The shock and horror am I right?!

Even though I’d tried collagen supplements before, I always found the pill kind too cumbersome. Who has time for a serving size of six horse pills? Which meant I didn’t take them frequently to see much of a benefit. Enter Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide Packets. These great little to-go sachets that you can mix into your morning coffee, smoothie, water, whathaveyou…

Each packet has 10g of collagen and a bunch of amino acids that support skin, hair, nail, and bone health. I add it to my black coffee every morning at my desk, it dissolves quickly and while there can be a bit of a film, I generally don’t notice a change to the taste. Since introducing it I’ve noticed that my hair is healthier (and I have way more baby hairs), I’m a little less crickity throughout my yoga and pilates classes, and my nails are breaking a lot less. They’re a little on the spendy side, but the convenience factor and results I’ve (albeit anecdotally) noticed mean back in the good ole’ Amazon cart they go.

As a pale girl in LA, fake tan is always my jam. But, after trying so many I’m definitely picky and can tell pretty quickly whether I’ll like a certain one. If it’s too orange, too streaky, too tacky, or too complicated – out it goes. Lately I’ve really been loving a few from Tan-Luxe. The Hydra Mousse is probably the most hydrating formula I’ve used, not surprising with “Hydra” in the name. My favorite I’ve tried from the line however, is The Water. It absorbs so quickly and tops the list at the shortest time its taken me to self-tan. Both formulas buff in nicely with a mitt, develop nicely, aren’t streaky, and don’t look too orange on my complexion. Extra bonus points that they don’t stain everything that I end up touching aside from my skin.


I’m a fervent double cleanser when it comes to my PM skincare routine. There’s just something about a cleansing oil that seems to get all of my makeup removed without stripping my skin too much. DHC Cleansing Oil has been a longtime favorite between its viscosity, scent, and the fact that it’s non-comedogenic. Forever will have a bottle of this in my medicine cabinet.

Never dressed without perfume is something I aspire to, but to be honest I only remember to spritz about half of my work mornings. I’m usually too busy trying to finish up my skincare routine and remembering to grab whatever I meal prepped from the fridge before rushing out the door… I don’t have a signature scent, but I do have distinct profiles. For the office I do try to lean towards lighter, cleaner scents – any other time I’m a sucker for anything smoky, heady, and spicy. Basically, I like smelling like a sexy lumberjack. You can blame my Portlander nature. Currently loving the line up from Maison Francis Kurkdijan.

There’s something about body oils that feel so much more luxurious to me than body lotions. The scents are a little more earthy, far from that sugary fake smell. I’ve particularly been loving the Leonor Greyl Huile Secret De Beaute, I mean it has a spritzer and its great for hair AND body. Nourishing, protective, and absorbs quickly – one of my favorite beauty trifectas.


Do you have any repeat purchases you’re loving lately?


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