November Allure Beauty Box

Considering my November Allure Beauty Box arrived on my doorstep weeks ago, this post is pretty much the definitive proof that I’ve encountered a bit of blogger burnout. Between uprooting myself, starting a new job, settling in at the new residence, and holiday travel – I’ve been pretty exhausted. While I want to pre-write and schedule every post idea that crosses my mind, lately sleep has been getting a bit higher priority.

November Allure The Beauty Box

On one hand, I loved how the Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity treatment didn’t make my hair feel sticky or filmy like some volumizing products do. On the other, it wasn’t that volumizing. Though seeing as I’m still fresh into my excursion with a Brazilian Blowout, maybe it’s just my new sleek hair. So, this is being put on the backburner for a bit until I have more time to test it out and form a solid opinion.

I’m a huge, huge, fan of any of the L’Occitane oils. Their shower and body oil are amongst my Holy Grails, so it was pretty much a given that I’d like the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil too. Hands down it is the fastest absorbing face oil that I’ve tried out to date, leaving my face incredibly soft and felt so light weight. The only drawback I can find is while the price of their other oils is a little easier to stomach, this falls on the high end.

Speaking of brands that make some of my Holy Grail products, I was excited to try something by Klorane beside their amazing Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. Unfortunately, the Make-Up Remover Water with Soothing Cornflower only had about a quarter of the bottle left after leaking out during shipping. From the little I got to use though it seemed to work very well for not being a dual-phase remover. I have high hopes for this if I ever get to test it out some more.

The Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and Lavender Body Wash does smell a little strong in the bottle, but smells pretty subtle post-shower. I stashed this in my gym bag right away since the body wash in my gym’s soap dispensers are super drying and have been really liking the scent. Bottom line: it makes you feel clean without making you feel like you stripped all natural oils from your skin. Also, the stronger scent in shower is a nice switch up after a hefty work out, but maybe that’s just me.

Klorane eye makeup remover crabtree evelyn mally gloss loccitane oil kevin murphy volume

I have a dilemma with the last item. I mean how utterly gorgeous is this Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick shade. Sweet Berry not only looks sweet, but it smells almost as good as my Dinoplatz lip balm (eg grapes and fruit snacks). It’s also super pigmented in a buildable way where you can start with a decent stain and work up to being pretty opaque. The dilemma part comes in with it being glossy. I really don’t like gloss. There are very, very, few exceptions. This isn’t really one of them. I love how hydrating this particular one is, but it still feels sticky and my hair still gets stuck in it every five seconds. So far my solution is to only wear this on messy bun day in a sheer finish.

Do you ever feel a little burnt out or unmotivated? What are your tricks to remotivate or reinvigorate yourself?

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