November Favorites


I really want to complain about how I can’t handle the cold weather, but then I realize that at least we’re in Portland where the coldest it usually gets is in the low 30s (0-ish for you folks that use celsius). There is no way I’d actually be able to function if I lived in someplace that actually got cold. I mean my cousins from Montana wear tshirts when I’m wearing like two parkas AND a hat. Moral of the story is, despite it looking nice and sunny in these photos, I nearly dropped my camera off of our deck because I couldn’t feel my hands. That would have been bad, on SO many levels. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and I was able to snap some decent shots of my favorites from last month!


For those of you who don’t know, in April I made the great bob chop after having long hair for what seems like forever. It was a love hate decision. While I loved having a new look, I’d absent-mindedly run my hands through my hair and was continually jarred when it abruptly ended. I made it until about September before having an existential crisis and deciding I needed to grow it back out. Trying to go longer and longer between trims so I actually feel like it’s growing, means weekly hair masks. The Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask has been a favorite of mine for the past couple months. I’ll try others, but I keep reaching back for this one. Usually I’ll leave it on for about 15-30 minutes. But if I’m in a hurry I’ll slather some on, slap on a shower cap, and blast it with my hair dryer for about 10 minutes. It leaves my hair super soft and way less straw-like.


I love how quickly the Formula X Brushed Metallics line dries, and did I mention that it dries matte? I picked it up in Spectacle, which is that gorgeous berry color (on my nails in the lipstick swatch photos below). My only complaint is that it chips like crazy around the day 2 mark, probably because it is matte and I’m not using a top coat with it currently. Will update on Twitter/Instagram if a matte topcoat helps wearability at all. Despite the chipping, I’ve still kept reapplying it because the color and texture are so perfect for this time of year.


I just wrote about my love for the J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion in my November Ipsy post (here), so quick recap: Love this as a stain soooo much, and as I recently got my hands on an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics short lip brush – it is way easier to apply! It has great staying power and costs less than $5 (find it here).


If you read about Alex and I hitting up 23rd, then you know how excited I was to find Portland Black Lipstick Company products at Blush Beauty Bar. I ended up with their lipstick in Blood Red, which is super appropriately named as you can see from the swatches. The swatch on the left was just lightly dabbed, and on the right it’s a proper swipe. They have some really cool untraditional colors available too, black obviously being among them, but also shades in cyan and mint. Their products are also all natural, handmade, and local (to me at least). I am beyond impressed with the sheer amount of pigmentation and how long it lasts, especially for the price ($12).


When I originally tossed this in my basket at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago, I had no idea it was a dual rollerball. I just thought it’d be a great thing to keep in my work tote to freshen up before after work drinks. At first, I was a little sad since there was less of the original Coach Poppy scent, but then I realized how much I liked Poppy Blossom. As you can see from the photo, I’ve even ended up using more of the Poppy Blossom so far.

You can find the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask here, the Formula X Brushed Metallics nail polish here, the J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint here, the Portland Black Lipstick Company lipstick here, and the Coach rollerball in Poppy/Poppy Blossom here.


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  • sshhbeauty

    Great post – and great pictures too! Love the background 🙂 x

  • In love with the lip paint, it is such a gorgeous colour! love your post <3