September Favorites: Podcasts I Love

I’m a pretty lucky person. I mean, not only did my dad take a couple days off to drive down to LA with me, but he also didn’t complain about me listening to podcasts for most of the drive. The first couple hours were dedicated to the Forrest Gump Soundtrack, but we did leave at 3am and it’s hard to pay attention to interviews that early in the morning. Needless to say, between the drive down and my morning commute I’m nearly caught up in all my favorite podcasts. Though I will say I’m probably one of the few people (if not only) who have a shorter commute post move than I did before.

Best Podcasts For Bloggers And Female Entrepreneurs Millennials

ASOS: My Big Idea

If you need a little motivation to finally launch that project you’be been wanting to start – this is a great kick in the butt. The length is pretty bite-sized with most episodes lasting 20-30 minutes. Listening to these boss babes talking about launching their own businesses is so inspiring. My personal favorite so far is episode 7 where they interviewed Phoebe Lovatt about The WW Club. I want to go to one of their get-togethers now so badly!

Man Repeller: Oh Boy

I’ve been a big fan of Man Repeller’s blog and humorous writing style for quite awhile now. Their resident filmmaker hosts the show, but don’t let that fool you, it’s got the same feel as the blog does. Each episode features a really cool one-on-one conversation with some notable creatives. I really liked listening to the one with Amy Odell. I had wanted to read her new book before, but now I really, really, want to read it.

No Such Thing As A Fish

If you like the Brittish show QI, then you’ll probably like this podcast. It’s run by four of the show’s researchers, otherwise known as the QI elves, who share their favorite facts they’ve learned throughout the week. There are lots of entertaining tangents, great banter, and dry wit.

Planet Money

I minored in International Economics at University and have been listening to NPR’s Planet Money Podcast since one of my professors mentioned it years ago. A really cool series they did was chronicling the “Planet Money T-Shirt”  where they sourced their own cotton and followed the production of the t-shirt across the various manufacturing aspects. It got me really interested in learning more about sustainable fashion and looking at the fashion industry in a slightly different light. Ultimately they talk about a really wide range of topics, how it relates to the economy and people in general.


From the first episode I found this to be the most relatable podcast that I’ve ever listened to. Tl:Dr; is that it’s run by Megan Tan who talks about navigating your 20s, transitioning into adulthood, and specifically doing so as a Millennial. I stumbled upon this podcast when I was feeling stuck and it seemed that any attempt to move forward did not yield the wanted results. It was incredibly frustrating and a little demoralizing, but listening to someone else going through a very similar struggle – knowing I wasn’t alone in this, was really comforting.

Do you guys ever listen to Podcasts? What are your favorites, any I should check out?



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  • No such thing as a fish is great! I also listen to Answer Me This, which is always quite fun to listen too! 🙂


    • The QI Elves are pretty much the best. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll def have to check out the other =D

  • These sound great! I’m definitely going to have to check these out. Thanks for the recommendations!

    xo, Liz

  • I listen to a lot of podcasts! One of my favourites is Probably Science, and I also like Stuff you missed in history class.

    • I used to listen to Stuff You Missed In History Class sooooo much, but found it hard to keep up with it since I’ve been listening to so many lately, so have a lot of back episodes to look into haha. I’ll def have to check out Probably Science though, just reading the description in iTunes makes me want to download a few [=

  • This is awesome! So I rarely click on links but I think I just checked out all of your recommendations and am even passing some of them on. I don’t have a commute but I think they’ll be great to listen to at the gym. Thanks!

    • That is wonderful! I hope you’re able to find a few that you like. Especially if it makes it easier to get into that workout zen. Haha.

  • Diana Maria

    I’m definitely going to check these out, I’ve always wanted to get into Podcasts but never knew where to start! Thanks for the recommendations!