Stylist Search 2.0

It’s safe to say that the thing I was most nervous about was finding a new Hair Stylist once I got settled. In Portland, I had been seeing the same lady for years. She was essentially extended family. This was only cemented further as a number of other family members got their hair done by her as well. I was pretty nervous to let anyone else even touch my hair.

Hair Before

I did try out a new stylist in October. I read a lot of yelp reviews, Instagram searches, and made a lot of calls before I made an appointment. While I loved the Brazilian Blowout I got, the color process left a bit to be desired. Okay, a lot to be desired. So when a few of my new girlfriends recommended Terra Shapiro at Juan Salon, I immediately bookmarked her for when I needed my color touched up. As evident by the grow out in the photo above, I needed my color touched up.

My natural color is a dark blonde / very light brown and I’ve been getting heavy highlights for years. Honestly, the last time I wasn’t a full on blonde was High School. #DatingMyself. Switching up my hair color has never really appealed to me. If I were to go darker, it would take forever to go back to the color I’m most comfortable at. At least without damaging my hair. So not worth it.

Then Granny Hair and fun pastel colors started to become more trendy and mainstream. Take one look at my Hair board on Pinterest and you can tell I was smitten. Long story short, I ended up walking out of the salon with silver lavender hair.

Silver Lilac Hair LA Olaplex Terra Shapiro At Juan Salon

It looks more lavender or silver depending on the type of light I’m in. Stylist Search 2.0 was a big success. I couldn’t be more happy with my hair.

Best Hair Dresser Stylist in LA for pastels olaplex blonde

The plus side is that if I decide not to get more color added by the time I need my roots done again, I’ll essentially be blonde again. Until then, I’m still using sulfate free purple shampoos to minimize color wash out.

Now I just need to find a good nail place. 🙈 How long did it take you to find a hair lady you liked?



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  • I love your hair!!! Finding a new stylist is so tough. I used to hold out until I’d go home for a visit so I’d say that it took several years the first time….now that I’ve moved again I still haven’t found the perfect place…

  • Ahh, I seriously can’t get over your hair. It’s so pretty oh my god.

  • Ayre

    I love the purple! I saw a YouTuber (not gonna mention her name) with purple and gray, but yours look better. Hers looked like a right mess lol

    Arianne | Ayre

  • I think your hair looks amazing!

    I don’t think I’ve ever found a hair stylist that I was 100% happy with. In fact I really don’t like to go to the salon, I dread the whole experience… I’ve had to many awful haircuts I guess!