My Vanity, A Work In Progress

I am the worst at decorating. Oh, I have pinterest board after pinterest board of ideas I’d like to implement, but when it comes to actually doing them, I’d rather tuck into a good book (or youtube makeup tutorial) than figure out what I need to get to make everything come together. I’ve been at the new place for roughly four months now and it still looks like I just moved in. Except for the piles of clothes just outside of the photo that is.

IMG_0101 copy

The good news is that I did finally get a stool for my vanity. Now I just need to recover the seat so that it matches the rest of my color scheme. I also have plans to either repaint the current mirror or find a slightly smaller one. Not to mention getting better lighting. And storage. More storage is probably the most pressing issue at the moment.

IMG_0099 copy

But the little details do make me pretty happy. I reused the glass container from a previous Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle as my makeup brush holder.

IMG_0100 copy

The little ring dish is a great multi-tasker for blog photo props as well as containing my selection of midi rings. Oh, how I love midi-rings. I’m slowly working my way through another 3 wick candle, where I will probably end up storing my eyeliner pencils so I can have better visibility of them.

I also really want to get some wall art, a soft and cozy rug, and something to hang necklaces from. Until then though, this will do.

If you have photos of your vanity setup, please feel free to share. I need good ideas to bring this space together.



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