2014’s Unfavorite Products

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Whether you’re across the pond and it is already 2015, or you’re Stateside and willing away the rest of the work day so your NYE plans can commence, we hope you all have an amazing start to the new year.

Lorac Tantalizer, Nourish Organics Cleanser, Elf Sharpener

Lorac Tantalizer, Nourish Organics Cleanser, Elf Sharpener

While there were definitely more than three products that I was only too gleeful about tossing in the bin. Or at least finding a more loving home for… None of the other packages were still around by the time I decided to take photos.

I picked up the elf pencil sharpener set at Target a while back, pretty self explanatory why I needed one. Thinking that it was a steal at only a dollar for the pair. Little did I know that it would completely mangle the majority of my pencils. It without fail always takes off way too much of the product than need to get to a decent tip, leaves the point crumbly, and when it does leave a sharp point – I feel as if I’m about to cut off my eyelid. Scalpel please, doctor. Replacement for it is in progress, as it is surprisingly hard to find just a single one without a lid contraption attached to it. I’m tempted to just walk down the school supplies aisle soon.

Having dehydrated skin, I really wanted to like the Nourish Organics Moisturizing Face Cleanser, but it wasn’t moisturizing at all. It’s a possibility that I’ve just been completely spoiled with how moisturizing the OCM (oil cleansing method) is, but this left my skin filmy and tight feeling. Also the scent was a little off-putting, not bad, just not what I’m used to.

I stumbled across Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago when I was still on the hunt for a nice matte bronzer. The bronzer itself seems to be just a little too orangey for me no matter if I’m pale me or tan me. Then the highlighter brings back flashbacks of shimmer powder fiascos and Bonne Bell lip glosses. No real highlight, just shimmery sheen and not in an illuminazing way. Ultimately, to put it nicely, the coloring in both halves are completely wrong for me. To put it not so nicely, it makes me look like that girl from middle school who wears foundation that’s too dark for her skin tone and then rolled around the floor in art class.

(Dis?)Honorable mention:
I normally LOVE Hourglass products, so I was super sad that I was not a fan of their Veil Mineral Primer. I mean it did have some pros, it left my skin very smooth and wasn’t tacky. However, even using minimal product still left an awkward white cast on my face that in turn made my foundation look waaaaayyy off. I will be sticking to transparent/colorless primers me thinks. I did however end up trading this in for their N° 28 Primer Serum, which I used until it was empty earlier this spring. So something good did come from it.

Were there any particular products you (unfortunately) discovered in 2014?


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