*Bling In My Mailbox: Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box

If you’re a long-time reader, or really even for over a week or two – you’ll know that I love me some subscription boxes. So when I was contacted by Rocksbox to try out their unlimited jewelry subscription service as a #RBItGirl, I was over the moon.

Rocksbox Subscription - Rent the runway for Jewelry

The gist of the service is for $19 dollars a month, Rocksbox will send you 3 pieces of designer jewelry at a time. You can swap out these three pieces as many times as you’d like over the month period, and Rocksbox takes care of the shipping both ways.

RocksBox unlimited montly jewelry subscription box

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get a bunch of cute jewelry that you love at H&M or Forever 21 periodically. I’ll hand it to them cause they are extremely affordable, and it’s easy to buy 4 or 5 necklaces at a time. But then I inevitably get attached to my favorite and wear it for 2 weeks straight until the plating has worn off and it turns my skin green. I needed to try something new.

Unboxing of Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Service

As soon as my profile was created, I wasted no time scrolling through their available pieces and adding everything I loved to my wishlist. Lo and behold, one of those wishlist items was picked and my stylist included two other pieces that she thought would complement a really cute look.

RocksBox Free Month Code haulanddupesxoxo

I am a big lover of dainty, simple pieces. So my obsession with the brand Gorjana really only makes sense – it’s why most of my Rocksbox wishlist is filled with the brand. Pieces from left to right:

Gorjana Knox Pavé Bar Necklace
House of Harlow 1960 Hexes Tennis Bracelet in Black
► House of Harlow 1960 Tessellation Triangle Clustered Studs Set in Black

House of Harlow 1960 Black Hexes Tennis Bracelet from Rocksbox

I am not normally a bracelet wearer. Though I’ve recently started wearing a geometric cuff from Forever 21 around lately. But even then I take it off half the time because I just feel like I have limited typing mobility (#FirstWorldProblems). That being said, I adore this bracelet that my Rocksbox stylist picked out for me. I kind of really want to keep it.

The nice thing is that if I do buy it, not only do you get a subscriber discount on all jewelry anyway (usually around 20% off the retail price), but also get a $10 Shine Spend to put towards any of your picks each month. Meaning I’d get this $90 bracelet for $60. Not bad.

Rocksbox pieces Gorjana Knox pave bar necklace and House of Harlow Tessellation Triangle stud earrings

Tl;Dr: $19 a month gets you unlimited designer jewelry to borrow (in batches of 3s) that you can swap out whenever you want, and $10 of the subscription service you can use towards purchasing one of those pieces each month. All shipping costs are included in the monthly price.

Do any of you subscribe to Rocksbox? What do you think? If you’d like to try out a month for free to find out what all the fuss is about, just enter the promo code: haulanddupesxoxo at checkout (click here).


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  • So you get these 3 pieces for a month, and then unless you buy them, you return them and get 3 new ones in the next month box, am I understanding that right? If yes that’s a pretty good system for someone who likes to wear fresh fashion jewelry. I don’t wear enough jewelry to justify starting a subscription but I like the idea of having new pieces to update your looks all the time.


    • You start with 3 pieces a month, but you can spend them back and rotate them out as many times as you’d like. I’m currently waiting on my second box for this billing period [=

      But yeah, one of the main reasons I don’t wear as much jewelry is because I get bored with my selection / the novelty of the piece wears off. I definitely think the box is more suited to someone who is always swapping out their jewelry / wears jewelry a lot.