Hask Mint Almond Oil Haircare

One of the hardest things for me to write about is haircare. I am extremely picky on what I use on my dehydrated, wavy, color-treated hair. I also only wash my hair about once a week, so it takes a little longer to formulate a solid opinion. Unlike a foundation that I can wear 7 days in a row, haircare isn’t as visible either, further adding to the time it takes to properly evaluate a given product. Does my hair feel too stripped post-wash? Does it take less or more time to blow dry? Does it make my scalp more oily than normal? Not to mention a myriad of other questions. I’m sure you gals (and guys) with like high-maintenance-manes feel me.

Best Sulfate Free Thickening Shampoo Conditioner Haircare

That being said, once I make my mind up on a particular hair product, it’s made. Which is exactly how I feel about the Mint Almond Oil range that Hask was kind enough to send me (spoiler = it’s damn good).

Inside that cute little canvas bag was their Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and Thickening Spray. Which I was pretty excited to try. Since getting my Brazilian Blowout, my hair does seem a little less voluminous (I may or may not be in the market for some nice extensions for a little more oomph).

First things first: the range is free of sulfates and parabens! While the parabens don’t bother me as much, sulfates are pretty much a deal breaker for my already damaged hair. The only thing is sometimes sulfate free shampoo does not always make me feel like it was able to remove the residue that builds up from using the massive amounts of dry shampoo that I go through in a week. I’m happy to report that not only is this gentle on your hair, but it does indeed make it feel clean. The mint also includes a nice tingly feeling that really adds to the whole experience.

Next up was the conditioner. It had the same wonderful minty scent as the shampoo and did a great job at adding just the right amount of hydration. The combination left my hair feeling soft, not weighed down, and smooth.

I’ll admit, I went a little spritz happy the first time trying out the Thickening Spray. So it took a little longer to blow dry and felt a bit tacky. Second time’s the charm though. While my hair didn’t become 70’s super model big, the range did deliver a realistic increase in volume. The hair around my crown was easier to style and looked a little more full. Overall, I’m probably a bigger fan of the shampoo + conditioner, but that might be due to user error on the spray part.

Shop this post: Learn more about the Hask Mint Almond Oil range.

What do you guys look for in haircare? Have you tried any that promise thicker hair/more volume?



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  • I really like Hask, the products are pretty good for being so affordable. I haven’t tried this line but I used the Keratin and the Coconut Oil line and both had good results on my hair.

  • Hey! I loved this blogpost! I also love your entire blog layout! Your blog is amazing!

    Lauren x