January Birchbox

Want to hear something super cute? My mom and I were box twins this month. I had the greatest time going over the samples with her this month and seeing what she thought of them. I also find it kind of funny that when I called her just now to tell her I was writing up this post, that we ended up liking (and dislking) the same products.

January 2016 Birchbox Eyeko No4 Klorane Real Chemistry Purlisse

I really don’t need to say much about Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk as it is hands down my favorite dry shampoo that you can buy Stateside. Not sticky, very little residue, no tell tale white powder signs. Simply, amazing.

Every single product I’ve used by Number 4 has been pretty underwhelming. It’s not to say that they didn’t meet my expectations, because I had none. They simply just did not out perform like products that I’d previously used. The Super Comb Prep & Protect functions perfectly well, and I like the idea of it being multi-purpose… but so is Bumble & Bumble‘s Invisible Oil Primer, which I like better and is slightly cheaper.

This seems like a pretty solid exfoliating peel. However, since I’ve been using a chemical exfoliant toner + gentle clarisonic head in conguction lately… I really don’t have that much dead skin for the Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel to work it’s magic on. Sorry for the middle of the road cop-out on this one.

I am not the best when it comes to being able to do a cat eye. We all know this. I routinely try not to look at people dead-on because then they will inevitably notice how un-symmetrical they are. Even things like the scotch tape trick don’t work that well for me (though I do love that for a smokey eyeshadow look). Long story short, I’m not a proficient user of liquid eyeliner. While I love how easy the Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner makes it to fill in the heavy part, I can not for the life of me get a crisp tail or inner eye part. It eludes me, and is clearly for more advanced cat eye afficianados. I wish I get to join your ranks some day ladies.

I’d only ever used the moisturizer from Pūr~lisse before, but I remember really liking it. Their BB Tinted Moist Cream has a decent amount of coverage, blends out well for a BB cream, and the fact that it has 30 SPF in it tells me I’ll be using it a lot more once Spring + Summer come along. It does leave a pretty dewy finish, so I’ve been setting it with my powder foundation for an extra layer of coverage with great results.

Did you guys get any deluxe/sample sized items that you actually want to buy the full size of?

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  • Your box just seems really underwhelming. I would have much preferred the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner, but the fates were not my friend this month. Hopefully next month is better.