#ProjectHitPan | This month’s Goal Of Using What I Have Instead Of Buying More

While there have been a few things I’ve picked up recently whose posts have yet to be published, I really want to focus the next few weeks on trying to use up some of the many products that I already have.

Self-imposed spending bans have never really been my thing, more or less because my willpower when it comes to beauty products is questionable at the best of times. However, I think I can get behind an overall goal of decluttering my beauty stash.

Project Hit Pan Complexion Rescue Watts Up Gimme Brow

The goal is to pare things down to make my arsenal manageable again, so bring on the empty bottles, containers, and pans. I’m looking forward to re-falling for some old favorites, as well as clearing up some room in my beauty cabinet.

How do you guys keep your vanity/bathroom from getting too cluttered?



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  • That palette looks so good and super travel friendly 🙂


    • It is! I originally bought it because I was looking for a really nice portable option for my work makeup bag! It gets thrown around constantly and I’m still impressed I’ve yet to crack any of them.

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    Since starting to do empties post my stash has got a lot more manageable! Working on something solidly for a while instead of using a different product every day definitely helps!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • This! I really need to keep the ones I’m working on within my sight because otherwise I’ll totally forget to use them consistently.

  • Beth

    I usually keep my basics in a vanity tray in the bathroom. Easy access encourages me to use up what I have, and then I just swap in new serums, BB creams, etc. once the old ones are used up! My biggest problem has to be lip products. I have at least five in my purse at any given time, and I don’t think I’ll ever manage to finish any of them! 😛

  • I don’t… :/

    I usually don’t stock up on skincare, I buy new products only when I’m about to finish the previous ones (except for masks), but for makeup, I haven’t found a way to control the size of my stash yet. It just keeps growing, and I’ve never finished a makeup product except for mascara, powder and concealer.


    • My skincare stockpile is mostly from Birchbox/Allure samples, but I’m so bad with makeup. So. Bad. For two issues: I love a product I’ve dubbed as a ‘special occasion’ item so much and don’t want to waste it on a menial day & then therefore don’t use it ever, or I have a favorite product and just forget to to use any of the others /=