Recent Favorites From Cargo Cosmetics + Discount Code

It’s not often that I like essentially an entire line from a cosmetics brand. Often I’ll like the lipstick but not the eyeliner, the concealer but not the blush, etc… But so far, everything I’ve tried from Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables line has made its way to the always messy part of my vanity that houses the items I reach for most.

Swimmables Longwear Matte Liquid Lipstick

It no secret that I definitely prefer a matte liquid lipstick to a normal satin, especially since I am terrible at not touching my face. Anything that has the tiniest bit of transfer will usually end up all up the side of my cheek. Even within matte liquids, there are ones better than others and I’ve been loving these ones from Cargo.

Baseline: they aren’t overly drying, don’t smudge (cue double hands up emoji), easy to apply, and are long lasting.

Swatches from top to bottom are Portofino, Sorrento, and Cape Town. Portofino is probably my favorite of the lot and a pretty perfect summer red. Cape Town is a little to pink/warm for my liking for a ‘nude’ shade.

Swimmables Water Resistant Blush

I’ve been accumulating these little mini tins of the swimmables blush from months and months of beauty subscription boxes. I love the color payoff, the shades are so flattering, and while not water proof – resistant holds true and usually outlasts my t-zone foundation during higher temps + humid weather.

Swatches from top to bottom: Catalina and bronzer in medium (I don’t think its part of the swimmables line, but it’s the perfect duo for a pared down makeup bag), Bali, and Los Cabos. I never thought that I’d like a more orangey blush, but Los Cabos has been one of my favorite blushes for a while.

Swimmables Longwear Eye Shadow Stick

I don’t wear too much eyeshadow for my everyday look but definitely do for nights outs and weekends. The shadows are super creamy and don’t tug on application. They also blend out really nicely – you’ll have about 30 seconds to a minute before they start to set, but once they do they will last a few hours. I also didn’t notice any creasing despite not using any primer.

Discount Code

If you feel like trying out any of this range for yourself, you can save 20% off by using the code OUIEMMY20 at Cargo Cosmetics.



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