Unpopular Blogger Opinion: I’m Just Not Seeing The Benefit

We all have those products that even though they’re blogger favorites, they just don’t work for us. No matter how much we want to like them, we just don’t agree with the rest of the blogosphere on the merits of a particular cult product.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real vs Roller Lash

Unfortunately, that is how I’ve felt about the Benefit They’re Real and Roller Lash mascaras. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Benefit Cosmetics. They even make a few of my HG status items (They’re Real Push-Up Liner, Gimme Brow, Bella Bamba blush, Hoola…). I think because I love those products so much, and the general hype surrounding these mascaras in general, it set me up with too high of expectations.

Benefit They're Real Mascar

This is probably the third little tube of this I’ve tried. I don’t know why I keep trying it thinking maybe it’ll work if I just give it another chance? But alas, each time I am disappointed. Yes, it does define my lashes just fine, but it does nothing for the volume. On top of that oh how it makes my lashes clump together if I accidentally touch them – or if theres a strong wind. I have also lost eyelashes trying to remove this stuff before – unless I’m using the dual-phase eye makeup removers this stuff won’t budge.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

It’s about the same story with the Roller Lash, though it is slightly easier to remove, and my lashes don’t feel as “crispy”. Probably because of the vitamins they included in the formula. And I’ll admit, I do like the idea behind the comb shape. It really lets you get to the base of the lashes, and if you twist it outward during the follow through it will give you curl that you can only get from an eyelash curler – but without the curler.

Benefit Mascara They're Real against Roller Lash Side by Side

My lashes are naturally pretty light, so I like how dark both of them are. The bottom photo was taken pretty recently after applying the mascaras, while the Roller Lash does have noticeably more curl to it than the They’re Real, it doesn’t separate the lashes as well. About five minutes after this photo was taken, I inevitably rubbed my eye and the clump struggle was real. Then the makeup remover struggle was real. There may have been casualties. Like my pride. And a few lashes. Or serveral.

So as much as I really really want to love these as much as the other bloggers seem to, I will just stick to drier formulas with non-plastic bristle mascaras.


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  • It’s good to hear another side of the story. I haven’t tried either yet – to be honest I didn’t care much for the marketing about They’re Real, but having super straight lashes that tend to point downwards, I’m really tempted to try Roller Lash. I wish I could get a mini somewhere to test it. I don’t like volumizing mascaras so it could work for me.

    • Well depending on where you’re at, and how you feel about using mildly used mascara, I’d be happy to send you my little Roller Lash tube. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I haven’t tried these yet, there’s so many good drugstore mascaras and I can’t see the benefit of spending so much money on one, but then I buy high end everything else so maybe one day I’ll cave! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  • I had issues with the Roller Lash, too. Maybe because my lashes are so short…

    • On one hand I’m so glad I’m not the only one it doesn’t work wonders for! On the other I’m sad it didn’t work well for you either. ]=

  • I rarely splash out on luxury mascaras as they’re usually a disappointment! Shame Benefit didn’t impress. I’m a big fan of cheap-as-chips Wet n Wild mascaras. Long lashes for under a fiver! x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • Ohhh I haven’t tried any of the Wet n Wild ones yet, I’ll have to give them a go! Thanks for the rec!

  • that’s so surprising, i’ve hardly ever heard anyone say bad things about these. i absolutely adore roller lash, but i guess mascara isn’t a one size fits all things. i have to agree with them being dark — my lashes are super light so it’s nice to see something that doesn’t make them a soft black.

    brooke | brooke elise

    • It totally is subjective, when you think of it, mascara seems more like haircare than makeup in the “does this work” or not verdicts. ¯_(ツ)_/¯